Dan Draper is a driven designer who seeks to always deliver the complete and correct solution to any problem. He earned his degree in industrial design from Auburn University and pursued graphic design after a childhood spent learning the fundamentals from his dad (also a graphic designer). This unique background has made him an asset to every creative team he's worked with, bringing thinking and methods to the table different from that of other designers.

Dan is a Senior Designer at The Variable, an ad agency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that's been named an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year three times in four years during his tenure, a unique accolade among the nation's small agencies. He plays a critical role on The Variable's nimble and talented creative team; touching assets and deliverables for every client and overseeing a growing team of graphic and studio designers. From print pieces (brochures, posters, out-of-home boards), digital needs (display banners, web layouts, UX exploration), mechanical production files, and branding and logo ideation, Dan works to ensure his team delivers the best possible work against the fast deadlines of the modern agency world.

While his agency job keeps him busy, Dan can often be found exploring new places (from Burning Man to Iceland) with his wonderful wife Kayla. He is also available for interesting freelance opportunities. If you have a creative problem you think he can solve, are another creative looking to connect, or simply want to say "Howdy!" please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your time!
Senior Designer, 2020 — Present
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dan Draper Design
Freelance, 2009 — Present
Designer, 2014 — 2020
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Designer, 2012 — 2014
Greensboro, North Carolina
Code Immersion Bootcamp, 2017
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
BIND in Industrial Design, 2010
Auburn, Alabama
Product Design Study Abroad, 2009
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Dan Draper 2020 Résumé
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Dan is a passionate designer with an eye for detail